To be honest, the title is a little misleading. I could only find 3 kinds of environmentally friendly zip ties, so there was not much competition to be in the top three. 

Let’s be real. Finding environmentally friendly zip ties, or cable ties, may not be high on your to do list. But chances are if you found this article, you are in the market for some sustainable cable ties.

Finding one more product that does not find its way to the landfill after use is never a bad thing, right?

Now, let’s get to it.

Don’t worry, this won’t take long!

Biodegradable cable ties

Biodegradable cable ties are best used on a temporary, short-term basis. They are made from biodegradable polyester.

Features include:

  • Biodegrades under the action of heat, UV, moisture, and microorganisms
  • Takes a minimum of 2 years to biodegrade
  • Easy to use

Recyclable Cable Ties

These zip ties are made from 100% recycled nylon and are UL Environmental Agency approved.

Features include:

  • Made from Post-Consumer recycled content
  • A minimum 85% of each cable tie is recycled content
  • Durable: Engineered from Recycled Nylon 66, the ties will uphold in everyday household applications

Cable tie alternative 

A simple cable tie alternative is to simply use velcro straps. They are a great reusable cable tie alternative. If you’re looking for plastic free cable ties, velcro is probably your best bet.

Well, there you have it. A short and sweet list of environmentally friendly zip ties. I’m starting to think this is an underserved industry. If major cable tie brands developed an ecofriendly version of their current zip ties, they would basically have a monopoly.  Oh well, missed opportunity.

Come on cable tie industry, get with the program and GO GREEN!

What do you use to manage your cords at home or at work? Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers, and have an awesome day!



  1. Elaine

    Hi Kathy, love your blog … TOP 3 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ZIP TIES
    Posted by Kathy | Jan 28, 2020
    Can you tell me if you have been able to source any biodegradable cable ties. I have not found any. Preferably in Australia!
    We are attempting to convert all South Australian Public libraries to using reusable or biodegradable cable ties for transporting our books around in crates. We use millions per year!!!

    • Kathy

      I am glad to hear that you are looking to use biodegradable cable ties for transporting your books! It’s great to see that using eco-friendly products is important to public institutions like libraries. I would say your best bet in sourcing biodegradable or reusable cable ties is going directly to the manufacturer. Explain your situation and I am sure they would help you out if they are able to. The website for biodegradable cable ties is: Hopefully, that helps. Please let me know if I can help out further. Cheers and Good Luck!

    • Scott

      Hi there, you can contact huawei industrial. They do have PBS cable ties (Biodegradable)
      web site:
      Good luck!

    • Rowan Hepburn

      Hi Elaine,

      Could you tell me the approximate length and strength you would require in a biodegradable cable tie?



    • Moritz Aichmann

      Dear Elaine,
      we have a product that is 100% biodegradable (and not just 90%) for more detailed information please send me a PM.
      Many Thanks.
      Best regards,

    • sigrid

      Hi Elaine,

      Is there any way to contact you?
      I think I can help you, please reach out to me. Kindly, Sigrid

    • Vijay Sahdev

      Dear Elaine

      We are embarking on a project to create our own biodegradeable product and would be keen to discuss your needs as this could be the catalyst for us to develop the range quickly !
      Please feel free to reach out my email address is

    • Hayley West

      Hi Elaine, did you have any luck with finding a source for biodegradable cable ties? I’m trying to find (at least) recycled cable ties for the La Trobe University Library for exactly the same reason as you! I’ve discovered recycled nylon cable ties do not exist, but perhaps we can look at biodegradable ones. Hopefully Kathy also sees this post as your comment was from 2020.

      • Hayley West

        Also, we need one-use, secure cable ties, so reusuable ones will not work. Thanks, Hayley.

    • Kathy

      Please get in touch with Elaine. She is looking for eco-friendly zip ties. Thanks!

  2. Emma

    Biodegradable is not better for the environment, it just means the plastic will breakdown into small, in most cases more harmful fragments. All plastic will biodegrade eventually, and still poses a threat to the local environment, this is just greenwashing a marketing technique used to make people feel like they are doing the right thing.

    • Kyle Brown

      Hi Emma, What alternative would you suggest for large-scale events trying to make a better choice than traditional cable ties?

      • Cara

        The answer to this is complicated. Also there are many questions before an answer can be given: what kind of event? What are the ties being used for? Etc
        It is good to want to find more sustainable products, and to be looking for such, but it is also good to be aware that there are companies who will use deceptive marketing to make you think you are choosing the more sustainable option, when in reality, they are just selling you the same product and finessing the phrasing. My biggest word of advice, as someone genuinely hoping to be helpful, is to always read what an item is made of and familiarize yourself with what products are and are not sustainable. For instance; yes, polyester will degrade over time, but it takes 500+ years. So to call it “biodegradable” is not a total lie, but it is certainly not truthful. I hope this helps and I hope we can look forward to a future that puts all people and our planet over profit. Love.

  3. Eli

    Nice article, yes I’m looking! Looking for securing sailboat burgees/flags so Uv exposure is high. Another article suggested getting outdoor UV resistant ties so they last longer … I’m thinking unless I can find some mini Velcro ones it’ll be better to go for a longer lasting option.

  4. PHIL

    I work at a ski resort in the US that uses small (6”) zip ties to secure lift tickets to jackets, poles, etc. They are used for a limited time, sometimes only 1 day other times for an entire season of 4 months. Any alternative suggestions to plastic zip ties? Obviously they’ll likely get wet and be exposed to sunlight and cold temps.


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