Not all natural toothpaste are created equal. Today, I put Schmidt’s Wondermint Tooth and Mouth Paste and Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste to the test. 

Which one will win and be the BEST natural toothpaste you can buy?

I’m going to get right to the nitty gritty with the comparison of Schmidt’s Wondermint Tooth and Mouth Paste and Jason Sea Fresh toothpaste.

So throw on your cowboy hat and tighten that belt buckle, because we’re in for a hootin’, hollerin’, tooth cleanin’ showdown!

For more in-depth reviews of either Schmidt’s Wondermint or Jason Sea Fresh, click on the respective links for my thorough reviews of each.

I will be rating Schmidt’s Wondermint and Jason Sea Fresh on the following criteria:

  • Taste
  • Mouth cleanliness
  • Packaging
  • Price
  • Convenience

Let the battle of the natural toothpaste begin!




Schmidt’s Wondermint Tooth & Mouth Paste

Jason Sea Fresh Toothpaste


-mild, pleasant mint flavour -strong mint flavour

Mouth Cleanliness

-teeth and mouth do not feel totally clean after use

-not a lot of foamy action

-teeth and mouth feel clean and minty fresh after use

-good amount of foamy action


-comes in a cardboard box

-stand-up tube

-nice colour and design on tube

-lid stays clean and closes properly

-comes in a cardboard box

-laydown tube

-design is OK

-lid gets some build-up of toothpaste over time, making it hard to close all the way when tube is almost empty


$7.97 Canadian $5.98 Canadian


– able to purchase at big box stores like Walmart, and Amazon -able to purchase at health food stores, some grocery stores, and Amazon
As you can tell, this was a pretty tight battle!

In the end, Jason Sea Fresh pulled out ahead, winning 3/5 compared with Schmidt’s Wondermint which scored 2/5.

Here is a quick rundown of this epic battle:

Jason Sea Fresh toothpaste took an early lead, taking the taste and mouth cleanliness categories.

Wait a minute, Schmidt’s came to life, winning the packaging category.

Jason put the final nail in Schmidt’s coffin by coming in at a cheaper price.

Wanting to finish strong, Schmidt’s came back with a valiant effort, albeit too late, and won the convenience factor, as it is more widely available than Jason.

*Please keep in mind, these are my own opinions and yours may differ.

Do you agree with this outcome? Which natural toothpaste should Jason Sea Fresh take on next? Let me know in the comments below!

Cheers, and have an awesome day!