Let’s get ready to Ruummmbleeeee!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to our main event.

We are here to decide once and for all: Who is the best- glass or stainless steel straw?

Both straws have been working hard training for this match. At this point, it’s too close to call.

Let’s get started!

In the pink corner, weighing in at just a few ounces is Stainlessss Steeeeel Strawwww!

In the blue corner, clear as day is Glaasss Strawwwww!

Our judges today will be assigning points based on the following categories:

  1. Performance- 3 points
  2. Maintenance- 1 point
  3. Durability- 1 point

This battle royale will have five rounds.

Each round is worth one point.

A total of five points are up for grabs today.

What are we waiting for?

Start the COmparison!


There are three points available in the performance category.

One point assigned for hot drink functionality, another for cold drinkability, the last point is for smoothie drinking capability.

Round ONe:

Hot Drink

Glass straw comes out of the corner strong. It does NOT burn your lips. It’s so wide there is no way stainless steel straw can keep up, the drink is gone in no time!

Oh, but here comes stainless steel straw, it will not give up! This round is really heating up. Oh wait, that is just stainless steel straw drinking the hot liquid. OUCH! That’s gotta hurt the lips!


Round 1 goes to glass straw for not scalding any lips.

Round 2

COld Drink

Stainless steel straw comes out swinging! But with a bit of metallic aftertaste, and freezing cold lips, glass straw strikes back!

Glass straw has no aftertaste and the wide bore of the straw make it quite enjoyable to drink cold liquids. It remains a comfortable temperature even while drinking the cold liquid.


This round wasn’t even close, folks.

Round 2 goes to glass straw.

Round 3

Smoothie Drink

Both contestants are coming out strong in this round.

Stainless steel straw is NOT giving up! With its sleek look and smooth surface, it sucks up that smoothie like there is no tomorrow!

Not to be outdone, glass straw looks like it was made for smoothie drinking. Its wide bore makes even thick smoothies feel like water. Watching the smoothie work its way up the straw is magical folks!


Is glass straw going to sweep these first three rounds?

Wait, wait! Round 3 is a draw. The judges cannot determine a winner on this one. Both straws functioned very well on this smoothie task.

We have got ourselves a real nail-biter here tonight folks. Can stainless steel claw its way back, I just don’t know.

Round 4


Glass straw wants to put the final nail in the coffin in this round! Easy to clean with a cleaning brush, you can actually see if it is dirty or not.

Oh, but stainless steel straw will not have it. It scrubs just as clean with a cleaning brush. It’s so easy, folks, anyone can do it!


Oh my goodness! We have another draw folks. Stainless steel and glass straw are equally easy to clean.

The final round is here. The winner of this round will win the match!

Round 5


Stainless steel has a second wind. It has clawed and fought its way back into this match and is not going down without a fight.

Glass is not going to give up easily. Made with borosilicate, it is very durable.  But is it any match for stainless steel?


Stainless steel for the comeback! It’s so strong and with no risk of breakage, it edges out glass in this round!

Stainless Steel wins the final round!

That was a real nail-biter of a  match, folks!

What did the judges think?

Let’s recap the score!

Round 1 scored as: Glass-1 Stainless Steel-0

Round 2 scored as: Glass-1 Stainless Steel 0

Round 3 scored as: Glass-1 Stainless Steel-1

Round 4 scored as: Glass-1 Stainless Steel-1

Round 5 scored as: Glass-0 Stainless Steel-1

In a unanimous decision, with a score of  4-3, ladies and gentlemen,

The winner is GLASS STRAW!

The performance rounds really clinched it for glass straw. Working well with any drink, and easy to clean, glass straw outperformed stainless steel straw to win this edge-of-your-seat match!

Thanks for tuning in to the reusable straw showdown!

Stay tuned next week when bamboo toothbrush takes on the recyclable plastic toothbrush!