You have just spent the last 20 minutes cleaning your kitchen counters and sink, but surrounding your faucet is not as sparkly as it could be. Welcome to the world of hard water stains. They happen to the best of us! There is nothing more irritating than spending valuable time cleaning just to have mediocre results. 

Fortunately, hard water stain removal is pretty simple. It requires but 4 items that you likely already posses:

  • vinegar
  • a bowl
  • a sponge
  • a towel

That’s all. So let’s get started.

Would you rather watch a tutorial than follow along step-by-step? No problem, just click on the video below.


  1. Pour some vinegar into the bowl, enough to thoroughly soak the towel you will be using. 

2. Soak the towel in the vinegar.

3. Wrap the towel around hard water build up on the faucet. 

4. Saturate the towel with any leftover vinegar in the bowl.

5. Leave the towel on the faucet for 1 hour.

6. After the hour has elapsed, remove the towel from the faucet.

7. Using the sponge, scrub away the hard water stains. You may have to use a fingernail for the really thick spots, it should just chip away.

8. Rinse the faucet thoroughly with water and Voila! you have a nice sparkling clean faucet.

Note: If you find that you still have hard water staining on your faucet after scrubbing, repeat this process. I found that I had build up remaining at the base of the faucet, so I super soaked the towel in vinegar and concentrated it on that particular area for an additional hour. I then followed steps 2-8 and it looked fantastic afterwards. 

While this method may be a bit time consuming, it is free of harsh chemicals and pretty easy to do. 

How do you remove hard water stains at home? Let me know in the comments below.


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