Looking for a unique, sustainable way to label your children’s school items? Maybe you’re hosting an event and need some name badges. Well, you’re in luck, we’re about to discover the wonderful world of environmentally friendly name tags.

Sustainable name tags

reclaimed wood name tag

Reclaimed Wood

What can’t reclaimed wood be used for? Etsy has an awesome selection of reclaimed wood name tags made by some very talented entrepreneurs.

Name badges are just the beginning of the magic of reclaimed wood. Business cards, brochures, and dog tags are just a few examples of interesting items made from reclaimed wood.

bamboo name tag

Bamboo name badges

Ah, bamboo, a great renewable and sustainable resource.

Bamboo name tags are a good option for kids backpacks, work or event badges.

You can find some great bamboo name tag options here.

seed paper name tag

Seed paper name tags

These are an awesome, unique name tag option that screams green.

The seed paper is made with 100% recycled material and embedded with a mixture of wildflowers. 

Seed paper name tags are your ultimate biodegradable conference badge. No more garbage bags filled with discarded name tags. Instead, you get to wear it home, plant and water it and enjoy some cool flowers in time.

cardboard name badge

Cardboard name badges

These are probably the most economical type of environmentally friendly name tags. 

Etsy has an awesome selection of all different types of cardboard name badges.

From gift tags to name tags to product tags, you can find whatever type of cardboard tag you are looking for. 

avery ecofriendly adhesive name badges

Ecofriendly conference name badges

If you must have single-use name tags for your conference or other function, Avery has a good eco-friendly option with its 100% recyclable name tags. Both the packaging and the label are recyclable and the ink used is soy or vegetable-based.

Just have lots of recycling bins instead of garbage bins at your event to encourage your attendees to recycle their name tags.

Thanks for indulging me in this small list of environmentally friendly name tags. If you want more information on a particular kind of eco-friendly name badge, let me know in the comments below.

Cheers, and have an awesome day!

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