I am writing this article with my dad in mind. He is a 71-year-old baby boomer. He is a callused-hand, around the house Mr. Fix-it. He’s not fancy, definitely a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He loves playing with his grandchildren, watching boxing matches and Grey’s Anatomy (I introduced him to that show, you’re welcome, Dad!) on his satellite T.V.

My dad is definitely NOT a hipster, in fact, he’s so far from being a millennial, that he’s a baby boomer! Wooden sunglasses or the latest technological advance are not going to earn his praises at the next gift-giving occasion, that is for sure.

My go-to gift for my dad growing up was cashews and socks. Yep, that’s it. My dad is a no-frills kind of dude. He likes things he can use and enjoy.

As an adult, I want to continue to give him practical, useful gifts he will actually like, while also slowly introducing him to eco-friendly options, even if he doesn’t notice.

This gift list for Dads is about turning our old stand-by Dad presents into eco-friendly stand-by Dad presents.

Without further ado, here are some eco-friendly Dad gift options for the non-hipster, non-millenial Dad.


An uncomplicated, relatively easy gift to get for your Dad, right?

Mostly yes, but not all nuts are considered equal. Some types of nuts are more eco-friendly than others.

Here are a few types of nuts to keep in mind while shopping for Dad:

  1. Brazil Nuts: Brazil nut trees grow and produce for hundreds of years in the wilds of the Amazon rainforest. The Brazil nut industry preserves patches of wild rainforest as well as supports the farmers caring for the trees. It’s win-win!
  2. Hazelnuts: These guys are tough (just like Dad), they survive in harsh environments,  are drought-resistant, have a high yield per plant, and help prevent soil erosion. Not to mention, they are delicious!
  3. Walnuts: Try black walnuts, they grow wild in fields and pastures across the Midwest and are hand-harvested by locals every year. They grow naturally, watered by the rain and are produced without chemicals or pesticides. Both the nuts and trees are incredibly sustainable, as they naturally reproduce and keep reproducing for more than 50 years.
  4. Pistachios: Hardy, desert plants that do not require a ton of water to grow well.
  5. Pecans: A very sustainable nut. Once the pecan tree starts producing (after 7-10 years), it will continue to produce pecans for over 100 years.

Trying to find a nut mix with these specific nuts may be a bit difficult, so I recommend hitting up your local bulk food store or Amazon and buying them individually.

Next, just mix them up and put them in a mason jar or other glass container, or get fancy and layer them, you have creative freedom for the presentation! Your Dad will love them no matter what, they’re going to be eaten either way!


Socks really are the tried and true Dad gift, aren’t they? Whether it’s work or tube, you just can’t go wrong socks!

These thermal socks (link to Amazon) are made from 32% recycled cotton. They rise to mid-calf making them perfect to wear with work and winter boots alike.

As far as design goes, they look like any other pair of thermal socks, so Dad will be pleased that they fit right into his current sock collection! To be honest, he probably won’t even notice that they have a hint of eco-friendliness to them, and that’s Ok.


I don’t know about you, but my Dad’s wallet always looks like it is on the verge of falling apart. Every time he pulls it out of his back pocket, I can just picture it finally giving out and all of his cards and money (he still carries cash!) strewn across the floor.

Basically, my Dad is always in the market for a new wallet, something he will not get for himself until the final threads have disintegrated from his old wallet.

A perfect gift-giving opportunity for well-intentioned kids like us!

Let’s steer Dad into an eco-friendly direction by giving him a stylish new wallet.

Now, I don’t want to totally turn him off, so a traditional bi-fold wallet would be best, just made from a more environmentally friendly material like cork.

Corker Cork Wallet (link to Amazon) is a cool looking wallet that functions as a traditional leather wallet so Dad should not have any issues with its use.  He should be able to carry around just as many points cards and old receipts as he does in his current wallet.

Cork has a lot of benefits, including:

  • it won’t crack or crumble
  • the quality and suppleness of cork can be compared to that of leather
  • it’s 100% natural
  • water repellent
  • scratch and stain resistant
  • easy to maintain and clean: water and soap will do the trick!

Save Dad from his old, beat up wallet and get him this cool, stylish, eco-friendly one instead. Don’t forget to slip a crisp bill inside first though, it’s good luck.

Picture Frame

Pictures aren’t just for Mom’s, Dad’s love getting them too! Even though they tend not to show it as much, Dad’s are super proud of their families and love showing them off.

What better way to show off your family than with a great picture inside a unique, awesome looking frame.

MyBarnwoodFrames (link to Amazon) makes amazing picture frames out of, you guessed it, reclaimed barn wood. Every frame is different due to the individual nature of the barn wood used, making this gift not only unique but a conversation piece in itself, before a picture is even added.

This rustic, unique frame paired with a picture of your amazing family is sure to bring a smile to your Dad’s face, and maybe even a tear to his eye when he opens this thoughtful gift.

Shaving Kit

Is your Dad still shaving with razor cartridges or, *gulp* disposable razors? Well, then, it’s time to update his shaving style with a safety razor.

I got my husband a safety razor a couple of years ago for Christmas, and he loves it! It does not irritate his face like so many cartridge razors do. In fact, he has not used any other type of razor since. I even use one myself, after seeing how well they work firsthand.

Why not set Dad up for success and give him a kit that includes everything you need for an amazingly close shave.

Gentleman Jon (link to Amazon) has a kit that includes:

  1. Safety Razor
  2. Badger Hair Shave Brush
  3.  Shave Stand
  4.  Canvas & Leather Dopp Kit Travel Bag
  5.  The Famous Gentleman Jon Alum Block
  6.  Sandalwood Shave Soap
  7.  Stainless Steel Shave Bowl
  8.  5 Astra SP Razor Blades

How awesome is that? Everything Dad needs in one convenient kit. What’s really cool is all of these items can be ordered separately, so once your Dad gives this a try and loves it, you can order him his favorite products for future gift-giving occasions. Perfect!


Does your Dad love coffee or tea? Of course he does! Why not get him a cool eco-friendly mug to consume his favorite beverage with?

The only liquid my Dad drinks is tea most days, so I know he will get a lot of use out of this wood coffee mug (link to Amazon).

This mug will keep your Dads tea or coffee warm even if he forgets about it while watching Judge Judy. As well, it’s 100% biodegradable and toxic chemical free.

How many #1 Dad mugs does your Dad need? Class up his mug collection with this stylish and functional wood mug instead.

What was the last gift you gave your Dad? Leave your answer in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


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